Design and techniques


Lazzi’s masks are handcrafted from paper or leather. Natural materials are used whenever possible, such as handmade paper and naturally tanned leather.


Every mask is based on the anatomical set of lines of the human face. These lines are exaggerated, bent or deformed in the search for the core of the character the mask is to portray. Ultimately, the unique character of the mask is captured in just a few lines. Thus an ‘intensification’ of the character takes place: it becomes an archetypal image. The artist/ mask-maker portrays his personal view of the image of man.

masker foto Paulien de Bruin masker atelier J. Brondel

Moulds and methods

For paper masks the design is first modelled in clay; this clay model is then used to cast a plaster mould. Paper is glued inside this mould. After drying, the paper mask is treated with filler and coloured with shoe polish and turpentine.

For leather masks a wooden mould is used. The design is whittled into a piece of wood. Then a wet piece of leather is draped over the mould and shaped according to the lines of the mould while drying. The air is beaten from the leather with a plastic hammer. Once dry, the stiffened mask is taken from the mould to be coloured. Hair, moustache and beard can be added as finishing touches.