Atelier, shop and theatre for theatrical masks.

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Studio Lazzi’s masks are all designed and handcrafted by owner and mask-maker Frans Krom.
The name of studio Lazzi is taken from the Commedia dell’Arte, a burlesque theatrical style that became extremely popular in Italy in the sixteenth century. Performances took place in the streets or on squares during fairs and festivals. The use of masks was one of its most distinguishing features.
To keep the audience’s attention from wandering, the performances were interspersed with comic scenes: the lazzi. These lazzi often had no connection with the contents of the play at all. It has been said that as they became increasingly popular, the lazzi drew larger audiences than the plays themselves. Frans Krom hopes that the same will apply for his mask studio.

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- Design and production of theatrical masks.
- Advice and coaching for performing with masks.
- Masks for sale (will accept orders for custom-made).
- Tentoonstellingen, exposities en lezingen
- Courses on mask making and performing with masks.
- Teaching materials for schools.
- Information and documentation on the Commedia dell’Arte theatrical style.