Frans Krom (1960)


Drama at the Hogeschool voor de kunsten (academy of the arts) in Utrecht, theatre and drama department.
Specialization: physical performance


  • ‘Clowning and music’, Nola Re in Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2001.
  • ‘Making masks’, artist and mask expert Donato Sartori in Padua, Italy, 1997.
  • ‘Living masks’, Serge Poncelet in Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1996.
  • ‘Making masks and performing with masks’, Juan Tajes in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1996.
  • ‘Commedia dell’Arte’, Antonio Fava in Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1994.
  • ‘Improvisation’, Keith Johnstone in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, 1993.
  • ‘Neutral masks’, Luc de Smet, De Kleine Academie in Brussels, Belgium, 1991.

A The studio

Mask design for:

  • St. Theatro Tomato in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), ‘De tovenaarsleerling’ (The magician’s pupil) , 3 large paper masks, 2003.
  • Hogeschool voor de kunsten (academy of the arts) in Utrecht (the Netherlands), Commedia dell’Arte masks in leather, 2002.
  • Theatre company SULT (the Netherlands), ‘King Arthur’, 20 abstract paper masks, 2001.
  • Smeedwerk Locatie-Theater (out-of-doors theatre on specific sites such as castles and city squares in the Netherlands), ‘Dukatenkoorts’, 6 leather masks, 2001.
  • Hogeschool Midden Nederland (college) in Amersfoort (the Netherlands), ‘Panopticum’ (The Muses), paper masks for a dance, 1997.
  • Lazzi production (the Netherlands): ‘Poppen aan het dansen’, 7 paper masks, 1996.
  • Lazzi production (the Netherlands): ‘Water bij de wijn’ (Guus Kuijer), 8 paper masks, 1995.
  • Lazzi production (the Netherlands): ‘De denkbeeldige autopsie of Raoul Mas’, 6 leather masks, 1994.
  • Neutral masks and sets of Commedia dell’Arte masks for drama teachers and actors, including Toon Maas.
  • ‘Het verstilde gezicht’ (The Silenced Face), Sociaal Pedagogische Dienst in Amersfoort (the Netherlands).
  • ‘Italië’ (Italy), bookshop Veenendaal in Amersfoort (the Netherlands).
  • ‘Vermomming’ (Disguise), Ichtem College in Veenendaal (the Netherlands).
  • ‘Architectuur’ (Architecture), Akzo Nobel in Deventer.
  • ‘Geen leren schoenen maar maskers’ (No leather shoes, but masks), shoe shop van Engelen in Amersfoort (the Netherlands).
  • ‘Rituelen’ (Rituals), library of Harderwijk, Zeist and Amersfoort (the Netherlands).
  • ‘Commedia dell’Arte maskers uit “Dukatenkoorts”’ (Commedia dell’Arte masks from “Dukatenkoorts”), town hall in Hasselt (the Netherlands).
  • ‘Maskerkijkroute’ (Looking at masks: a walk in Amersfoort), in cooperation with shopkeepers’ association ‘de Kamp’ in Amersfoort (the Netherlands).


B The theatre

Experience in acting:

  • Regular actor with Teatro Obstinato, a Commedia dell’Arte group from Amersfoort (the Netherlands) since 1987. Artistic leadership: Juan Carlos Tajes.
  • Val van paard, 2002. With Smeedwerk Locatie-Theater, a history play on out-of-doors locations (the Netherlands). Director: Han Hazewindus
  • Maschere per Amore (Masks for love), 2002. A Commedia-monologue, Lazzi production, in Dutch and Italian. (The Netherlands.) Director: Simona Ferrarine.
  • Dukatenkoorts, 2001. With Smeedwerk Locatie-Theater: a Commedia dell’Arte play that toured cities and towns along the river de IJssel (the Netherlands). Director: Nader Farman.
  • Polyneikes, 1999-2000. A Greek drama, monologue. (The Netherlands.) Director: Jan Evers.
  • De dubieuze dokter, 1995. At Stichts Centrum voor Amateurtoneel in Utrecht (the Netherlands), a Commedia dell’Arte play. Director: Marja Bruens.
  • Op je gympen, play for schools, 1991-1993. With Theaterwerkplaats Amersfoort (the Netherlands). Directors: Nina Smits and Frans Kappers.

Teaching experience:
  • Commedia dell’Arte and physical performance at the Haagse en Amsterdamse theaterschool (drama school) in The Hague (the Netherlands).
  • Drama, improvisation and Commedia dell’Arte projects at Stichts Centrum Amateurtoneel (amateur theatre group) in Utrecht (the Netherlands).
  • Commedia dell’Arte at Cliniclowns (travelling group of clowns that visits hospitalised children) in Amersfoort (the Netherlands).
  • Performing and workshops with masks at ‘Buitenkunst’ in the Netherlands and the ‘Ny Dramaskole’ in Denmark.
  • Workshops at mask studio Lazzi in Amersfoort (the Netherlands).

Directing experience:
  • Theatre group Teatro Obstinato, ‘Twelfth Night’ (Shakespeare), 1999.
  • Lazzi, ‘Poppen aan het dansen’(A. Lenthe), 1997.
  • Theatre company Bij gelegenheid, ‘De familie Groengazon’ (Courteline), one-act play, 1996.
  • Hogeschool Midden Nederland (college) in Amersfoort (the Netherlands), ‘Panopticum’, a production with music and masks for various disciplines, 1995.
  • Lazzi, ‘Water bij de wijn’ (Guus Kuijer), 1995.
  • Lazzi, ‘De denkbeeldige autopsie van Raoul Mas’, out-of-doors production, 1994.